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Dasclay1kg white / brown landliatart

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Please choose our products, there are all kinds of children 's toys, it' s perfect for the kids who are currently having fun playing, it 's guaranteed that the kids will like the toys that are in our store ❤️ Clay ready to go with das ref.387500
Weighs 1 kg

Clay is ready to use dry air without ovens
White and brown available
Very soft texture
Easy to mold
Can make a statue model
It can be applied to objects such as wood and cartons
After the drying process, it can be dyed and diversified
Please list the color in theorder.
If not listed, we 'll send it according to the stock available.

Paint link to clay:
For a brush
Use go-kilat / grab for the jakarta area monday - friday 9-3 pm

Yukk... Hurry up before you run out
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